“Clarity of purpose and speaking up about what will make the difference in our communities and businesses is critical. Uncommon Candor inspires us to keep giving the gift of straight talk – for ourselves and others.”

—MARIO MORINO, author of  Leap of Reason and founder, Venture Philanthropy Partners


Candor. Honesty. Transparency. Are these buzzwords or actual values in your organization’s culture? True candor is uncommon in most organizations yet every leader, team member, and customer wants to hear straight talk. Getting to the heart of the matter through straight talk is what business coach Nancy Eberhardt has helped numerous successful people do. In Uncommon Candor: A Leader’s Guide to Straight Talk, she lays the path to achievement through direct and open communication.

The key is candor in all relationships: mutual respect and frank conversation that honors those involved and encourages everyone on the team to look at new possibilities. Candor doesn’t necessarily come naturally. It requires practice, but the right behaviors and authentic ways of speaking that tap into the power of candor can be learned. If you feel you are working harder than ever but falling short on your desired results, Uncommon Candor will give you a fresh and no nonsense approach for moving the needle.



Want to bring more candor to your world? Contact Nancy today. She is an accomplished speaker, presenter and executive coach. She is available for conferences, corporate meetings and events, as well as small group or individual coaching sessions.

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