One of the most uncommon practices in organizations today is honest, effective communication. How can a candor-based culture accelerate results and deepen relationships for your organization and its customers?
Every organization is filled with leaders and its stakeholders (such as investors, boards of directors, customers and employees) begging for straight talk—why don’t we do that automatically?
In this compelling book, successful leaders from a diverse range of disciplines reveal how forthright conversation has made a positive difference. You will learn “how-to’s” for causing this same focus on candor in your own communications.


Nancy K. Eberhardt

Author, Uncommon Candor // CEO, Pathwise Partners

As a business coach and consultant for corporations, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and boards of directors, Nancy K. Eberhardt has discovered how fostering an atmosphere of candor can translate into success. A former regional bank president, Nancy was responsible for a number of successful mergers and $1 billion in customer relationships. Her love of baseball and commitment to service have made her a leader with Boards of Directors for a community bank, a social venture corporation, the only National Park for the performing arts, major non-profit agencies and a stadium authority.

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